A character logo design can not only personalise but add an exciting mascot to represent your brand. It can bring a face or message to who you are as a company to your clients or consumers. Character logos come in every shape, style and size and if used effectively it can significantly add another dimension to your business that appeals to your target audience.

This brief for this niche company was to design and illustrate a character that represents a Silkworm. Now to the untrained eye this character may just look like a worm or caterpillar sat on a leaf, however, this logo design had a specific detailed brief and required a custom approach.

The Brief Summary: To design a caricature version of a Silkworm. , The head of the character must be a light brown oval shape and have black eyes on the side. The characters body must be a cream colour with darker stripes and have sixteen legs and brown tail. The leaf in the design is a Mulberry shaped leaf, it is the common food for a Silkworm.

The first part of this design process was to sketch out the character and figure out the best way to showcase the features of the Silkworm. A rough sketch was created (many rough sketches) and the best was chosen and scanned to desktop.

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Once scanned the image was traced, inked and vectorised (a vector design means the scaling of the image works mathematically using the shapes points). This means no matter how large the logo or design scales it will always remain super sharp. It is vital that you find a designer that uses the vector method and I would be very concerned if a professional designer states otherwise.

logo, character, mascot, illustration, design, branding

A funky freestyle font (SF Slapstick Comic) was chosen to compliment the cool Silkworm character.

You will find this logo being used on the company’s branding, social media and packaging. Silkworm Safari provide live food for pets such as reptiles. You can find them on Facebook. The team have been so impressed with their logo design that they left us a great testimonial.

“Cojoe were amazing, we were very specific about our character. We wanted an accurate yet trendy character to represent our brand and the outcome was sensational – couldn’t of dreamed up a better logo!”