Halo Connect, a local company, needed to engage their customers and explain their product and services. One of the best ways to achieve this is by showcasing an animated explainer video. Halo Connect wanted a trustworthy video starring custom vector characters that represented their team ethics throughout.

Our professional voice-over artist was assigned the task of producing the perfect tone of voice. This audio clip was then used in the studio to create the perfectly timed motion graphics. This advert I would categorise as both motion graphics and animation, simply because different techniques were used to create the characters motions in the video (lip syncing and custom movements of the characters).

There are many reasons companies choose to have an explainer video created and there are endless uses once the production is complete. Animated videos can be used on your website’s homepage, shared on social media and presented well in an email to new or existing clients.

The truth is once you have the explainer video to hand it becomes a vital tool. No longer do you have to memorise your sales pitch or spend countless hours on the phone explaining to customers what a product does or how your service is the best, simply forward a video link to your future customers and let a professional voice over do the talking for you.

Article written by the animator,

Scott Wells.