2D Character Animator - Traditional Techniques

To create an animated intro like this you must first find a 2D character animator that can animate ‘frame by frame’. This is known as ‘traditional animation’. We see less traditional animations like this in today’s industry, why? I believe it’s because most motion graphic designers that don’t use it – can’t or aren’t very good at it. It’s very common for motion graphics designers to simplify projects, this can be due to costs or down to the creatives experience. It’s a shame that the majority of animated content online today lacks this incredible frame by frame style, some companies don’t even offer it. At Cojoe™ we offer a variety of techniques, we can mix motion graphics with traditional animation to bring your animation or explainer video to life.

Animated logo reveals can add impact and character to your brand. Cojoe™ can create any style of logo reveal you want, this ranges from 2d to 3d motion graphics. All our explainer videos include animated l intros and outros to reinforce your logo, brand and key message.

Creative digital content can help explain or promote your business, product, service or app in an engaging way. I love fresh ideas and creating something completely customised combining the clients imagination with my own. If your looking for someone to design characters and bring them to life using 2d frame by frame techniques then look no further.

I really enjoyed creating this short animated walk cycle and would love to work with anybody in the industry interested in this style or regular explainer styles. If your looking to explain or promote your company using a 2d animated character then please get in touch, you can contact us on (01772) 875 007 for your next big project.

Article written by 2d character animator,

Scott Wells.