2d character animation can be applied in many ways. A traditional frame by frame animated character is made up of a sequence of images and gives the illusion of motion much like a flip-book. Barkley however is different, designed in illustrator using vector shapes, he is then imported into After Effects and his motions are controlled by the rig. Why? Well, once designed and rigged the 2d character animation can be set up and controlled much like a puppet. Every part of Barkley’s body has a control, he even has a control that simply makes him blink or a bit look tired. This is an ideal method of animation for companies looking to reuse characters easily for different scenes or multiple projects.

Barkley is a 2d character animation designed specifically for the e-learning sector. This video is the test-run to see how well the rig functions between individual movements and expressions. This K9 character will be used to introduce questions, acting interactively with buttons and clicks throughout the online course. Animation is a tool used within the e-learning industry to keep viewers engaged. It’s clear to see how a rig can be used effectively for both animated explainer videos and interactive content.

At Cojoe Ltd we can custom design a character to suit your company, brand, product or mascot. We can then create animated movements of any kind, the limit is your imagination. Characters like Barkley can be used effectively for commercials, explainer videos, web videos, advertising campaigns, entertainment and more. Don’t settle for boring ‘slide in and out’ graphics, hire an animator that can really bring a 2d character to life with emotion, motion and lip syncing. If you have a project in mind that involves creating a custom character, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Article written by the animator,

Scott Wells.